The NPS’s six proposed management alternatives in the Draft Plan and EIS:

Alternative A – no change in the NPS’s current ranch management

Alternative B (NPS’s “preferred alternative”)–expand ranching; allow diversification, including row crops and more livestock; extend grazing leases to 20 years, and manage elk through lethal methods

Alternative C – like B but remove the Drakes Beach tule elk herd  (124 elk) through lethal means 

Alternative D – like B but phase out ranching on 7,500 acres and issue grazing leases for 19,000 acres with 20-year terms, and allow some diversification.

Alternative E – phase out dairies but leave cattle ranches, allowing existing dairies to convert to beef.  20-year grazing leases on 26,000 acres.  No diversification.  No action on Tule Elk.

Alternative F – phase out all dairies and ranches over 5 years. Once ranching is gone, remove the fence that confines the Pierce Point tule elk herd. New elk herds allowed to establish in the park.