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Only a handful of America’s national parks permit cattle grazing. One-third of the Point Reyes National Seashore—some 18,000 acres—IS dedicated to the exclusive use of two dozen ranchers. There are 6,000 cattle in the Seashore, more than there are Tule elk on the planet. Cows outnumber elk in the park 10 to 1. But the problems at the Seashore extend far beyond elk. Restore Point Reyes Seashore is fighting to reform management failures that threaten the future of the park itself. We are raising awareness, inspiring public involvement, and taking appropriate action— including in the courts. We don’t engage in nor endorse anyone breaking the law—including the NPS. Our goal is to require the NPS to follow the law— managing our national parks and the wildlife and resources therein “unimpaired for future generations.”

Where We Are Now: California Coastal Commission to Vote on NPS Plan

It’s no secret that the Trump Administration’s is fast-tracking leases for drilling, logging, mining and grazing on American’s public lands. The ranching plan for Point Reyes National Seashore is no exception. The Interior Department is intent on having the Record of Decision (ROD) for this damaging plan signed, sealed and delivered before January 20, 2021—the day the new Administration takes office.





Ask the California Coastal Commission to protect coastal and marine resources and public access at California’s Point Reyes National Seashore.

Send the Name of your organization; Name and title of the person signing. City and State where your organization is located to jmiller@biologicaldiversity.org.

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