Illegal signs at Home Ranch in Point Reyes National Seashore, recently removed upon community concerns.


Feelings Aren’t Facts.
Ranchers at Point Reyes Seashore have formidable allies.

The Marin County Supervisors, the Farm Bureau, the Point Reyes Seashore Ranchers Association (no comma) and their lobbyists, and powerful politicians are among the well-funded interests supporting the private ranchers and their demands for more ranching and less oversight at the national seashore.

As a result of a lawsuit settlement in 2017, the NPS is required to appropriately plan and account for the impacts of ranching at the National Seashore. For the first time in almost 40 years, the public will have a voice in whether and to what extent private ranching takes place there.

Restore Point Reyes Seashore is an effort to level the playing field. We aim to inform and inspire people who care about national parks and public lands by bringing documented facts to an otherwise emotional debate.

The future of Point Reyes National Seashore shouldn’t be left to the special interests and politicians. It’s our park and it’s up to all of us to speak for those who cannot—the land, the wildlife, the future generations who will inherit the National Seashore.

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t is no longer a question of whether or not we should set aside some more of the yet remaining native California landscape as ‘breathing space’. If we do not, we will leave our children a legacy of concrete treadmills leading nowhere except to other congested places like those they will be trying to get away from.”

Former Congressman Clem Miller
Author of legislation establishing Point Reyes National Seashore